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Footwear and Leather Goods Fashion Fair
will be held from 07 to 10 November 2017
At İstanbul - 
Pullman Convention Center by EKS..

  The accommodation of fair visitors (shoes, leather goods wholesalers and shopkeepers - receivers) , will be borne by us in hotel between 07 - 09  November 2017 (max 3 nights) .
It will be an honor to see you as a visitor.

EKSPOSHOES, an exhibition of fashionable leather footwear, which will be held 4th times in Istanbul and will provide a wide range of footwear (women's, children's shoes, sports, for workers and slippers) and other leather accessories (bags, suitcases, belts, purses, etc.).

This exhibition will be held on  area of 16,000 m2, where more than 100 famous footwear manufacturers of Turkey will show their new models for 2018.

Place of the exhibition EKSPOSHOES in center of Istanbul, in Pullman hotel, which is located near the Shoe center, and  Ataturk Airport.Between Airport and Pullman Convention Center about  (3 km).

Visitors will be stay at the Pullman Hotel in Istanbul Airport, which has a connection to the exhibition hall and will authorize the visitors to enter the premises.

In May 2017,was the 3rd. Eksposhoes trade fair boutique hotel and received a good rating from visitors and participants.

About 100 companies took part in the exhibition, a total of 7,622 people, including 985 foreign visitors from 46 countries. İn that Fair  the  Famous Companies - met with wholesalers and buyers.

Participants at the exhibition stands, including their participation in the system, while reducing their cost, they spent a fair amount of effortlessly. And Eksposhoes Fair increased the number of visitors to the company, and visitors were very satisfied with the quality. Especially guests from abroad.

The boutique exhibition is located  in a new modern hotel not far from the Airport.

 4 th EKSPOSHOES will give the new business again  and we hope that  the Eksposhoes will satisfy. The exhibition gives an opportunity for companies to demonstrate collections at the beginning of the season, receive timely feedback from customers and ensure the timely delivery of collections to their customers' stores. the Participants and visitors.

 Turkish footwear sector with an annual capacity of  500 million pairs of shoes , is third in Europe and eighth in world. In 2015 , according to the quality, healthy and international standards of Turkish footwear, export capacity has reached 700 million US dollars , it means five per thousand shares in the world trade.



With Regards, 

With Regards, 

Mrs. Melike Akıl
international assistant
EKS Fair Co.



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